Famous Hoosier Trademarks Renewed

Densborn Blachly is privileged to represent Indiana entrepreneurs who make, market and sell uniquely Hoosier products. A recent article by The Indiana Lawyer has profiled the successes Indiana business owners have had restoring vintage Hoosier brands. They have caused a resurgence in their retro products by capitalizing on trademarked brands that, while disappearing for a time from the shelves, were so well-established that they did not lose their cachet.Roselyn’s, Choc-Ola and Champagne Velvet are cited as examples. Our own David Blachly, who has enjoyed a storied career as a lawyer for start-ups and the entrepreneurial class, is quoted in the article, saying, “The level of satisfaction with a small, organically-grown clients like this is immense. There’s no issue that’s insignificant when you’ve got a startup like this. It makes you think more quickly and more deftly.” So true!

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