Iliana Castillo of Providence Cristo Rey

My name is Iliana Castillo and I’m a junior at Providence Cristo Rey High School. Providence Cristo Rey is a private college preparatory high school that combines classroom instruction with real life professional work experiences for students.

I work at Densborn Blachly, LLP, a law firm built to serve the needs of businesses. Before attending PCRHS, I was at another high school that didn’t provide me with opportunities to learn about law. Now, am I learning about the law first-hand in an experience I wouldn’t get anywhere else.

I first became interested in law when I was in the sixth grade and we began to learn about all the different things we could do. Ever since then I’ve wanted to learn more about the legal profession and how it works, and maybe even become a lawyer. Here at Densborn Blachly, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things that will probably help me in the future, and I’m thankful everyone here has been patient with me and have all tried to teach me as much as they can.

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