CPT. Tim Martin, R.I.P.

Densborn Blachly lost a great champion on Friday. Tim was a great believer in us, in our vision, and in what good might be wrought, if we would only try. He inspired our decision to start the firm, encouraged our efforts at it, and even helped prepare the ground we occupy today.

Tim believed in people, and he believed in the progress of society. Reasonable people could differ with his political philosophy, but few could match his passion. His love for our beloved Julie and their Andrew and Alex was unconditional. His courage in the face of the greatest of adversity was unflinching. His friendships were far and wide and deep. In fact, he had friends he did not know, pulling for him, praying for him, and wishing they could simply wish him to a better place. We will miss you, Captain Martin. You left a mark.

And, Julie, we can only say to you that which we are accustomed to saying, “Well done!”

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